Various Benefits of Honey Masks for the Face

Not only is it delicious to be mixed into cooking or drinks, honey has a variety of benefits for the face. The method is very easy, just by using it as a honey mask. Honey contains antimicrobials, antioxidants, and can provide a calming effect for your skin. The antioxidant content found in honey is needed by the skin to fight free radicals that can damage the skin. Free radicals are very dangerous because they can cause dull skin, premature aging and wrinkles, and even lead to cancer. Honey Mask for Face Besides containing antioxidants, honey also contains antiseptics and antibacterial. This content is what makes honey in a row of natural ingredients that help you deal with acne. Not only is it good for acne prone skin, dry skin can also be overcome with a honey mask. How to use a honey mask for the face is fairly easy, namely: First, rinse your face with warm water to open the pores of the skin. Apply honey to the face and leave it for about 30 minutes. Finally, rinse again
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